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Keep it Simple 

Damascus Trust has many years of experience in helping churches to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Working with the strengths of the local church and with a sensitive yet straight-forward approach, many have come to know Jesus as Lord and Saviour. 
Here is our simple and effective approach to evangelism:
1) Making Contact:
Our community survey has been designed by Damascus Trust and has proved to be a most effective way of reaching out into the local community and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • Simple (multiple choice), short (just twelve questions) and straightforward (everyday language). 
  • Provides an up-to-date snapshot of the community. 
  • User friendly so that all who want to witness for Jesus can be involved. 
  • Engages people in conversation about the community, the Church and the Lord Jesus.  
  • Ends with an invitation to find out more about knowing Jesus personally and allows people to take things further.
2) Developing Contact:
  • Linked with the survey we would ask the local church to organise and promote a number of events aimed at building relationships with people and sharing the Gospel of Jesus.
  • Simple and uncomplicated, combining the experience and skills of both the local Christians and Damascus Trust.
  • A relaxed and informal approach, which could include a presentation of the Christian gospel by Andy Paine.
  • Ideal for inviting fringe people from the church as well as those contacted through the survey. 
3) Keeping Contact: 
Experience shows that as a result of the survey and the events, people will want to know more about Jesus.  Some informal follow-up sessions should be planned for the following weeks as well as further events. Damascus Trust will offer help and advice on what to do.
To help with all this, Damascus Trust is able to offer:
  • An initial meeting when we’d explain the questionnaire, the overall approach and discuss details.
  • Two briefing and training sessions to finalise details and help people make the best use of the questionnaire.
  • Guidelines, questionnaires, clipboards, badges etc. as required.
  • Andy Paine to speak at the outreach events.
  • A small team (optional) to help and encourage.
  • Help with collating the information and presenting a summary sheet and suggestions as to what to do next at a de-brief meeting.
  • At least one follow-up visit within a month.

What are the costs?
Overall costs will vary according to individual situations and can be discussed as part of our initial meeting. Damascus Trust does not charge for its ministry but would ask that wherever possible, all expenses are covered. It is then up to each church / group to offer what they can towards the costs of our time and ministry.
To take things further:
Simply contact our office and arrange a time for us to meet with you.

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