Ubushuti - our online shop will be coming soon...

UBasketsWe are very pleased to be able to offer for sale baskets and cards which are hand-made by widows in the dioceses of Byumba and Gasabo. As well producing these goods for sale, the times of working together enable the widows to chat and share in the joys and heartaches of everyday life. This is a crucial part of coping with the pressures they experience as widows.

To help these women, Damascus Trust pays for the goods up-front so that the widows have money in their pockets straight away. We sell the goods through our Ubushuti shop or at various events and, after covering expenses, all the profit goes directly into our Rwanda General Fund and is available to help ongoing projects run by our partners. UCards

We are currently in the process of setting up the online shop which will be available soon.

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