Rwanda & India COVID-19 Appeal:  £11000 + raised so far!

In response to the money that has already been released for our partners in Rwanda, Archbishop Mbanda wrote: 'Thank you so much. You are a blessing and you are saving lives.'

This money is given to parish committees for them to distribute to the most needy in their parishes (including pastors). Nearly £7500 has now been given to our two partners in the dioceses of Byumba and Gasabo. We thank the Lord for the generosity of our UK partners. 

We are also helping our partners in India. We have made £3,000 available for Plenty To Share Ministry, from our India Help Fund. They have been able to buy food and provisions which they have already distributed to the most vulnerable in the villages. We also had one family give enough money to cover one month's 'salary' for all 50 PTSM pastors and their families! Amazing generosity!

If you would like to help meet this need, please click here using 

All the money given will go directly out to help our partners in Rwanda (Dioceses of Gasabo and Byumba) and in India. We will post updates here and on our Instagram page.

Thank you.

Here are some of those who have been helped already with provisions of rice, beans and vegetables - pastors and their families, older orphans, the sick and elderly. Click on them to enlarge the image.
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